Nordic Bujinkan Buyukai 2019

Dec 13-15 - Stockholm

Rikard Sundelius, Elias Krzywacki, Lauri Jokinen, Michael Schjerling and Sveneric Bogsäter + more will be teaching at Bujinkan Bushin Dojo, Clarion Hotel Sign, Stockholm, Sweden

Discounted prize expire June 30th 2019! There will be teachers from Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden + guest (s)! On Saturday 14th of december there will also be an awesome party that you don't want to miss! Teachers, location and price is to be decided. There will most likely be 3 options to choose from. Seminar only, seminar and party or full package (seminar, accomodation and party). With this seminar we aim to get together as many as we can and create an annual event, if sucessful. So now we need your help to make this happen. Go to the eventsite www.nordicbuyukai.webiste for updates and to register now!

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