the Bujinkan calendar

As for now it is beta. I hope Google is ignoring the timezone (I want it to be local, but I'm not sure Google calendar can accept that?).
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Subscribe to the calendar

XML Data Click here to subscribe to the calendar with your RSS reader. I tested it on iPhone and it asked if I wanted to subscribe to it with my Digg news reader app.

subscribe to iCalendar Click here to add it to your calendar application. I tested it on iPhone and was asked to add all seminars to my calendar, I could even choose individual seminars to add to my calendar app.

html link Click here to open the calendar (like the one you see above) in a new window. You can use this link for your web site, with a iframe (code on the right), or something.

Copy paste this code to your web site

Make your own Calendar with our data

The data above is imported by Google calendar from this raw data link. You can do that yourself if you want. Or you can make a calendar with only seminars from a specific country by adding a link like this for example. Swedish seminars, United States seminars, German seminars etc. Change the country code for other countries.

You can also get a calendar with a specific users database entrys by adding the username like this kabuto example.

Or you can get each individual seminar by adding the 10 number id, you can find the id if you click the dropdown menu for the specific seminar, click on the More dropdown button for the Download calendar URL. Here is an example.

Additional notes

The date and time in the database is always local time (only correct in the seminar locations timezone). Importing the calendar to google is tricky to get the time format right. I removed the &ctz=Europe/Stockholm at the end of the url because it screwed up the time format. The Google XML feed seems to add UTC time format, I'm not sure how that looks everywhere.


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Coded by Mats Hjelm
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Currently in beta testing
but it should be fully functionally.